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Mar 01, 2017JCLHilaryS rated this title 4 out of 5 stars
The first in a new series about enchanted items and worlds hidden from common view. Ivy and Seb Sparrow are thrown into a previously unknown world, where everything seems unbelievable. Unsure who or what to trust, Ivy and Seb must navigate Lundinor and unravel the mystery surrounding their grandmother, who has no memory of her life before a car accident in 1969. While everyday items take on properties that seem magical, Ivy soon learns the truth behind their unusual abilities, and learns of the darker side of Lundinor history. When their parents are captured and held as ransom, Ivy and Seb must pick up the pace, but multiple undead creatures and hidden identities put them at risk of not only failing to unravel the mystery surrounding their grandmother, but of losing their parents or even their own lives.