Apr 17, 2024
Confession time- I love Urban Fantasy. I love the idea of creatures that go bump in the night also have to pay taxes and try to figure out how to convince bosses that they really, really need to have an exclusively night shift, or all full moons off. And because of this I love the Kitty Norville series. I love how these books combine the mundane with the fantastic, the pragmatic with the idealistic and I love watching Kitty grow from someone who was victimized to a hero and a leader. I love that it her ability to listen and her basic belief in the humanity of the "monsters" that enables her to win, but she can still throw-down as a werewolf with the best of them. The first book is the most stressful and depressing- you really feel like you are lost with Kitty- but by the end of the day you are just so charmed by this character that you have to keep reading. -- Cassandra J., St. Anthony Library