the Origins of Our Discontents
May 01, 2021tauseef365 rated this title 3.5 out of 5 stars
This is a very important topic, and a very important book. I would recommend this to everyone everywhere. There will be a lot that is new to many readers, such as the fact that Einstein was an anti-racist. I would have liked even more about the history of South Africa and their struggles to overcome Apartheid, and how poorly America compares. I was disappointed that the book focused on the history of racism in the US, Germany and India, but barely mentioned Malcolm X. In his autobiography, he said that the first time he felt like he was being treated like a man instead of a Black man was when he went to Germany, on his way to the middle east. He also had a lot to say on the state of racism in the US that was more insightful without relying on comparisons with other caste systems. He offered a solution, too. Unfortunately, there is a lot more missing from this examination of caste, but I'll let my friends at Jewish Voices for Peace address that giant gaping hole. Glad I read it, though.