Apr 10, 2021kmcdouall rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
Trethewey's elegiac memoir has garnered lots of well-deserved recognition. Her writing is subdued, painfully reflective of a childhood that became unsettled with her mother's remarriage to a cruel and violent man. The low level of continual anguish becomes a scream of regret and loss when she eventually, twenty years after the fact, is given the police files and reports on the case. Particularly horrifying are lengthy transcripts of telephone calls between Gwen, the author's mother, and her now estranged husband. The conversations read like a macabre negotiation concerning why Gwen shouldn't be murdered, with her ex insisting that she only has two options: come back to him, or die. Gwen had recorded these excruciating calls to give evidence to the police, where she obviously didn't find the protection she sought. #MemorialDrive is a powerhouse of a memoir and will linger long in your thoughts. Thanks to #NetGalley and @eccobooks for providing an advance reader copy for my opinions.