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Born a Crime

Stories From a South African Childhood
Mar 23, 2021CMLibrary_Veronica rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
I really enjoyed this book. On top of loving Trevor Noah and thinking he his hilarious, I think his personality just pours out of this book in a way other memoirs don't. There are definitely some parts of the book that you can just hear him talking in your head and I love that. I do wish I listened to it because I've heard great things about the audiobook, but I'm afraid it wouldn't have been able to keep my attention to finish it. I'm glad I read it, also, because learning the words and seeing how different words are spelled is something I'm super interested in. ANYWAYS! I loved this book. I love Trevor Noah. I love how different his story is. I wish I could sit down and talk to him for hours about all the things he's experienced because it doesn't feel like this book is enough. I definitely recommend if you're a fan of his or if you just need a good read, this is one! I really hope he continues writing.