The Novel
Apr 06, 2020
I never thought that a random find in a hostel book exchange would become one of my favorite books and top recommendations for anyone looking for memorable historical fiction. The audacity of Rutherfurd, proposing to centralize London as the main character in a fictional biography, peaked my curiousity, and I was not disappointed. Each chapter reads like a novella, each human character's story interwoven in compelling ways with the characters of the chapters previous, all while Rutherfurd takes the reader on a lovingly researched and crafted tour of London's significant and often overlooked landmarks. I dragged my friends all over London using this book as a guide. They weren't impressed with the foundations of the temple of Mithras sitting silent in the shadow of the Gerkin, but my mind raced with imagining the scenes Rutherfurd depicted there. I've never felt more thrilled by historical fiction!