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Nov 08, 2019
"What are we without winds becoming words?" That's from Joy Harjo's poem "Becoming Seventy" (page 87). Other favorite lines include: (1) "Each of us is a wave in the river of humanity." (From "Weapons, Or What I Have Taken in My Hand to Speak When I Have No Words", p. 27); (2) "We are bright with the need for life." (From poem & page listed above); (3) "None of us is above the other / In this story of forever." (From "The Story Wheel", p. 28); (4) "The songs of the guardians of silence are the most powerful --- / They are the most rare." (From "Singing Everything", p. 53); (5) "Someone sang for me and no one else could hear it" (From "A Refuge in the Smallest of Places", p. 59). A rare jewel of a book . . . No wonder Joy Harjo was named the U.S. Poet Laureate in 2019. --- My favorite poem: Hard to say, very hard to say . . . possibly "The Fight" on page 21.