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IndyPL_JosephL made a comment Apr 12 2021
"While clearly targeted at children, Blanket: Journey to Extreme Coziness and its adorable main character offer a simple life hack that everyone can learn to appreciate--which shouldn't be surprising to anyone familiar with Brantz's other work, Th..." Permalink
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The Spring 2021 Anime Season Guide

"Ah, Spring! The air is warming, the trees are budding, and there are still plenty of reasons to stay indoors and catch up on the latest season of anime and the books that inspired them. If you want to read along, ahead, or just want to get from..."
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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - A Quick Guide

"What is JoJo's Bizarre Adventure? It's a manga series written by Hirohiko Araki that's been running since 1987 with (as of the writing of this list) 8 different parts featuring 8 different protagonists with the nickname JoJo! With such a long hist..."
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