Me and White Supremacy
Me and White Supremacy Combat Racism, Change the World, and Become A Good Ancestor By Saad, Layla F Book - 2020

I have finished reading the book, though I’m only done with journaling eight days of it. My family (husband, daughters who are 22 and 17) is reading it and discussing our journaling together, so it can be a challenge to get everyone home at the same time to talk. I imagine it will take us a while to finish that part of it.

Anyway, I found the book very useful in helping me realize ways in which I am acting in a non-racist (versus anti-racist) manner, ways I’m complicit in upholding the white supremacy in our society, and ways I’ve been blind to my privilege and my white exceptionalism. There is a bit of repetition as the days go on, but that’s okay because I sometimes remember or think of new examples to write. I’d previously read quite a few books about race, poverty, etc., but this is new territory for my husband, and it has been very eye-opening for him.

Don’t just read the book - do the journaling. It is sometimes a struggle, and sometimes painful, but is definitely worth it.

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