I can’t be as eloquent as some of the other reviewers. I can only say powerful and immensely sad. Unfortunately I think families as disfunctional is this one; as plagued by mental illness as this one; by generations as scarred as this one are entirely too common as we would give credence. And yet, in spite of all of this strong, whole individuals like the author can still be forged in this furnace.
To say this is a great book is a massive understatement. The words she uses are almost poetic in the sentiments she evokes. The aura of dread and fear she constructs around the protagonist is palpable: we share the dread of what waits around the corner.
This book does end. Eventually. But it end too soon. There are too many un-answered questions: the conclusion comes too quickly: there should have been more.
Having written her memoir, one waits to see what Westover writes next. It’ll be well worth waiting for for sure.

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