Entertaining and fun read about a guy who solves crimes like Sherlock Holmes.

I have read and watched many books and movies set in "The Hood". They depict gangs, guns, poverty, drugs in a lifestyle glamorized by rappers, usually wearing heavy gold chains and bejeweled grills The gritty reality of ghettos, lack of opportunity and gang wars is something I have no personal experience with. IQ is the best book I have ever read, with an Inner City backdrop and a cast of characters that could easily be "Straight out of Compton" or "Boys in the Hood". IQ is a damaged young man with a Sherlock Holmes-like ability for crime solving. He is not only smart, he is principled too. He is trying to make up for his criminal past, which unintentionally wreaked untold misery on the innocent and the guilty folks living (and/or trapped) in his LA neighborhood.

I loved this book. It is clever, engaging and relatable, even for someone who grew up white and privileged. I laughed out loud many times and read parts out loud to my husband, more times than I can count. It is a great mystery which involves a major rap star who hires IQ to find out who has hired a hit man to kill him. IQ is fun, entertaining and interesting book and I can't wait to read the next book in the series.

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