Hero…avenger…righter of wrongs…takes no BS from anyone, least of all neighborhood bullies or taunting thugs – Isiah Quintabe is a young modern urban noir detective hero. On his own, IQ, has developed his skills as a sharp eyed, hyper-observant, quick witted young man. In his everyday life, has the same concerns as the rest of us have had - high school grades, girls, friends, how to turn a buck to make rent, etc.

The author opens with quick views into who IQ is to his neighborhood. This is done through IQ reading his emails which are all requests for help with a variety of problems from lost daughters to retribution/revenge for the murder of a family member. He feels a deep connection and responsibility to the people in his neighborhood. How IQ approaches the situations and resolves them is fresh, clever, and unexpected.

As the author tosses out subtle cues to characters, he weaves together back story and current story lines, no fat or waste in this meaty story line. Isiah Quintabe is a quiet local hero who protects the defenseless using wit and unexpected weapons to achieve positive outcomes. IQ is not your same old, tired detective tale.

You’re there in the moment with the main character through the reader, Sullivan Jones. He brings an intimate tone with his voice and has a variety in his vocalization range which helps differentiate among characters from a concerned grandma hoping to recover stolen wedding gifts to street toughs.

This is a well told tale. The author sculpts great descriptions of place and characters from their physical traits to their personality. He tells each main character’s experiences which shaped the person they are at the crux of the main story line. All the loose end are neatly tied up by the end. It leaves this listener looking for the next offerings – Righteous and Wrecked.

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